Sunday, June 28, 2009

I don't want any part of it.

I had my fill of melodramatic stories of popular icons, after reading the Howard Hughes biography. So forgive me if I pass on the next decade's worth of MJ's heirs suing each other, book deals from those who knew him best, fictionalized bios, unauthorized bios, authorized bios, "where are they now" stories of his neverland kids, and social commentary from every angle wrapped up as a story about MJ. (Yes, I realize this post is an example of that last one. Bite me.)

I guess I should be glad that MJ will steal some of Elvis' thunder in the sightings and cheap artwork departments. But his litigious heirs and designates have a hundred years of learning on how to cash in, so we're gonna get re-deluged with MJ pink flannel nightwear, tacky battery powered dancing Santas who shake their booties to Billie Jean, counter-culture anti-MJ comic books, and Thriller brand Haloween makeup. Drop the Grace and add the Never - heck, it better fits the worldview anyway. I do not intend to partake.

At least there were evil conspiring Mormons in the Hughes bio.

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