Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Absolutely nothing happened again.

Today, absolutely nothing happened at the Southern Union Community College in Opelika Alabama. One woman was NOT killed and three others (including a 4 yr old girl) were NOT injured in a shooting that DIDN'T happen.

See, the shooting didn't happen, because the Southern Union State Community College Student Code of Conduct, page 281, clearly states

The following are prohibited and apply to all College property including residence halls and off-campus activities.
23. Use, possession, sale or distribution of weapons or firearms (including pellet guns and air rifles), ammunition, fireworks, and incendiary or any type of explosive device or material.

We can all be happy that because of the college's no-gun policy, this incident didn't happen outside an academic building right after the victims had just pulled up in a car.

Good thing they had that policy in place, otherwise someone might have brought a gun onto campus and shot folks.

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